EveryDay People : Rex Eka

My name is Rex Eka. I come from Goroka in the Eastern Highlands Province. Back at that time, being a young teenager and growing up in the settlement, life was tough.

Too many influences from bigger boys around the neighbourhood I was residing in that has taught me to do things that are not right by the Law. This has almost taken away my life. Sleeping on my death bed at the hospital, I came to realise that I have to change my behaviour. 

As soon as I got out of the hospital, I joined the Wap & Co Security Service. My boss at Wap & Co, is a good person and because of him, I stayed loyal to his Security firm till now. 
While being employed with Wap & Co Security Service, I met my wife. She comes from a mixed parentage of Kerema & Hanuabada. And with her, we have two beautiful children. 
Married life is not always smooth. We fight and argue like normal couples do but at the end we as individuals must somehow make amends. 

Unfortunately, In 2019, my wife left with our two children to Kerema. Its been One year Six months now that I have not seen my two children. Despite what happened, I still love my wife and my children. I hope she finds peace in her heart so she can allow me to see my children. But for now, I love my job because it’s the only thing that is keeping me busy every day. 


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