Everyday People PNG: Wesley Yanum

As we mourn his death, we find consolation in looking back at the great life he lived as a husband, a father and grandfather.

A chief to his Murik people and rest of Angoram and also the East Sepik Province and his lifetime of servanthood to his beloved Papua New Guinea.
He was certainly God-sent at the right time in the history of our country.
He united and took this country out from the clutches of the primitive age and brought us straight into the modern-day technology age. 
I cannot imagine anybody else from his era uniting and leading a subdivided country like Papua New Guinea, especially when 99 percent of the country were still living in the darkness away from education and western form of government.
My people of East Sepik especially the Wara Sepik ‘canoe’ People have been loyal and committed to the Grand Chief and his life of service to his Country.
Every election, without fail have returned him to parliament to continue building the country and nurture the young leadership we now have today.
He saw the young educated Papua New Guineans coming up and was confident for the country’s future but he knew these young people needed to be guided and developed to think nationally and patriotically as Papua New Guineans, he dedicated is whole political life to that mission.

Freddy Mou