Everyday People PNG: Vesco Gerega

I see myself standing in a church, a big church speaking to the crowds of people, big crowds. I see myself like this in future.

I tell myself that if I progress as a pastor and have a church, I will call my church, “Kingdom Generation Church.”

I left school at grade 8. My father enrolled me in a TVET school. He also enrolled me in FODE but then I started drinking beer, smoking and taking drugs and I never completed grade 9 but I did complete my TVET.  

I wanted to change so I went and got baptized but this didn’t change me. I was still bound in this pitiful life. How will I change, I wonder?

I expressed my desire to change to my aunt Cecil. She told me to go and see the pastor. He was starting the bible school. I was working at that time and I thought ‘perhaps I must leave my job, stop all that I was doing and go into the bible school’.

So I went to see Pastor Solomon, while he was talking to the bible school students.

He turned around and said to me, “Oh bubu, I was just thinking about you and you came. I know God brought you here. Whatever you want to say to me, I already know,” He exclaimed.

So I said, as you know already, I want to go into bible school. My heart was filled with joy and peace when he told me there was still space for me. 

The very next morning, I got ready and went to my workplace and told my boss that I wanted to resign from my work so I can go to bible school.  My boss reluctantly let me go.

While serving in the ministry, as a young man, I am sometimes troubled about my life.  I often think about whether I should remain in the full time ministry, or go out and continue my education or get a job? 

I am encouraged by the word in Ephesians 3:20. ”Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us.”

This word encourages me not to leave the ministry but to maintain my life in the presence of God because whatever I think of and I ask for, beyond that God will do it. It’s not according to my education level but according to His power that is at work in me. 

I am often encouraged by the story of the 12 disciples. The Lord told them to wait in the upper room in Jerusalem until they receive power from on high. They were not highly educated people. They did not possess a university degree. They were just ordinary fishermen and tax collectors.

They obeyed God and went up to the upper room and waited for the Holy Spirit to come down. When the Holy Spirit came on them like fire, their lives were transformed.

Peter who never preached before, got up and preached as if he was used to preaching before and 3000 got saved as a result.

So I thought of my level of education. I could have completed grade 9 through FODE, but I didn’t, right?   I do not have a university degree, I don’t have much knowledge, but I trust that God will pull me through. I must maintain in the presence of God. I must sacrifice myself and be committed to my call. ”.  It needs my submission and sacrifice, and obedience to be like the disciples.

I want to go back to school because it is necessary to fulfill my dream and my vision.  I want to gain knowledge to speak proper English so I can go out to all the provinces, even abroad to preach the Good news with different crowds of people with different backgrounds.  And to be the pastor of a very big church. That’s my vision.

The God who called me says to me, ‘Just maintain. Just be patient. Nothing is impossible to me. I can do it for you. Whatever you ask me and are thinking of right now, I will do it.”  

Vesco Gegera.  Age 25,  Oro Province

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