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I have two children, first boy was in grade 7 and second was in grade 5 when their mother left on September 29th 2014.

I was a deacon in the church and I follow God. 

It was very difficult, taking care of two boys without the mother.  Each day I had to give them K3 each, having to eat pure rice at home, life wasn’t easy at that time when I was raising my kids on my own.  But when I gave them bus fares and lunch allowance I also teach them to set aside the 10% to give to God. Bible says that I you are careful about small things, you will be given bigger responsibilities. Not only for money and clothes but everything about life. I was doing the same too, paying my tithes on the little money that I get from my employment and God was blessing us.

My children completed primary school and went on to secondary schools and onto technical college. Now my older son is working with an accounting firm. My younger son is also in a technical college.  When I was going through difficult times, I told myself that if I abandon God, because of a woman, that is a biggest mistake I would make. In good times and in bad times, I held onto God and He took care of me and my needs. He brought us thus far and I am happy.

I would be a miserable man if my children were roaming on the streets, getting drunk or taking marijuana but I thank God that my children grew knowing God and are very respectful and submissive. I taught them to be good stewards of everything like being wise about consumption of food in the house, washing their clothes, money, picking up rubbish around the house and to the road, not to throw rubbish around.  I teach them little things like picking up rubbish on the roadside and throwing them in the right place. I taught them to get involved in church youth activities and they serve in the kingdom of God as a tenth of their life on the earth.

I tell them never to get tired in serving in the work of God, and to give a 10th of their life to the extension of the Kingdom of God on earth. I say to them that at the level of my own education, I brought you thus far so the work of God must continue. It’s not good to drink beer, chew betelnut or smoke or if you touch anything illegal in the eyes of God, you will be useless in your future.

I taught them these principles of God as they grew up so now I have no regrets because, unlike other children who go into mischief, causing heartache for their parents, I have no more worries. I have no regrets. I am happy in God and in peace.

- Tupex Jerry, Port Moresby

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