Everyday People PNG : Tranka Blast

I am Hosea (Front), this is Nigel (middle) and Thomas (back). We are the Tranka Blast, a small band based in Lae.

We have been making music since we completed our grade 12 and did not get an offer to continue our studies. We are inspired by Archie Tarzy who is one of the big stars in the PNG music industry and have even worked with him on a couple of songs like ‘Meri Tufi’ , ‘Tanim Face’ , ‘Why Nah’ and other songs also still in production. We are still young in the industry and we are sure we will go on producing more music in the following years to come. We want to pass this message to our peers, youths anyone who can relate; ‘Just because our education system does not allow us to pursue our education further, that does not mean you turn to criminal activities to earn a quick buck, be smarter and make something out of yourself, whether it be music, arts, dance or anything that you can do that’s positive to counter the negative.’ - Tranka Blast

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