Everyday People PNG : Thyatira Kaupa

I am a freelance writer. I started writing when I was 12 years old and still enjoy doing it today.

In 2015 I wrote my first book called ‘Fallen Angel’ which was a nightwing fanfiction and I wrote another one with the same title which was published in 2017 on Wattpad.

So far my only printed book is the poetry paperback titled ‘Listen’ which will be out soon on hard copy.

Listen was published by Hibiscus, winning three awards last year and is listed in Amazon’s online bookstore.

My story as an aspiring young novelist will be featured among the other stories in the book ‘8 million possibilities’ and I am incredibly honored and humbled for such privilege.  

My story tells of how I was inspired at first to write. A fact is I’m a huge ‘whip’, I watch a lot of animate and a lot of movies and that’s when it kind of got me to writing. I first started reading science fictions on portal which is a site online where people go read science fictions. I started writing there and when I got enough readers I decided to move to Wattpad where I have a book published.

There are 8 books, my highest reading rate would 318,000 readers. I’m just incredibly honored to be part of this book so that I can inspire other young writers coz in this country there are a lot of girls and boys, young youths that read and they write really good poems and they have good writing skills but they sometimes find it intimidating to share their stories online.  I hope that my story inspires them to step out and share their stories.  Because writing is a beautiful art I can say.


Simbu and Enga 18 years old.

Thyatira Kaupa –18 year old from Simbu province living in Port Moresby. First year Journalism student - UPNG.

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