Everyday People PNG : Shannon Pondriliki

24-year-old Shannon Pondriliki is from Manus, New Ireland and Central. However, Shannon grew up in the Eastern Highlands, due to her parents teaching careers that had them move to the province.

Shannon is the Marketing Officer for Em Stret Space, a co-working hub for entrepreneurs. They work towards creating and fostering an inclusive innovative ecosystem for entrepreneurs by creating opportunities for startups, freelancers, aspiring entrepreneurs, students and SME’s to grow, develop and scale.

The E-Space marketing Officer says what she loves most about her job is, ‘Meeting new people’.

Shannon has worked with E-Space for three years now. She said a normal day at work would consist of her talking to many entrepreneurs.

“I normally get to talk to a lot of different small businesses and learn of the amazing things they do for their communities,” she said.  

When asked if she sees herself in this space for the next 5 years, she answered, “I do.”

Shannon has the privilege to work with people who are actively chasing their dreams every day. One such person is Jennifer Agwi of 8-Mile Sepik Arts and Craft.

Shannon said Jennifer inspires her.

She said, “With a grade 6 education, this hardworking mama has beaten all odds and is now building a 5-bedroom house from her sales of artefacts and crafts. She is based at the vision city mall.”

Shannon said an important lesson she has learnt from her family is the value of hard work and humanity.

Marysilla Kellerton