Everyday People PNG: Serena Paul

My name is Serena Paul, from a mixed Parentage of Madang and Central Province.

I joined the Miss Scuba PNG in 2018 and was selected in 2019 to represent PNG among 27 other countries in Malaysia. Modelling was an ongoing thing for me apart from my full time Job; doing runways in the National Capital District. I auditioned for the callout and was selected for a National Pageant and into the Selections for the Pageant in Malaysia.

I thought Pageants were just a walk, Hair and make-up, when I actually joined and took part, the challenges were just like any other Career path you take in life. I flew to Malaysia as a Brand Ambassador, took part in the pageant for 2 weeks in Kuala Lumpur.

Through the experience I have overcome nerves; preparing for the pageant help me improve in a lot of ways as a person. As a Miss Scuba Brand Ambassador, I have developed a great sense of confidence to use this platform to promote Marine Conservation in my country with the help of our Government as this is mostly charity work. After completing the pageant, I’ve come to my full-time job as it pays for my daily expense. After completing the pageant, I’ve come to my full time job as it pays for my daily expense. And Ive settled down with my Patner Dickson Ridia, we have 2 handsome baby boys and I’m Working as an administrator for the Media Department.

I would urge people while they are young, to try new things, use that to challenge themselves as it will build them up and prepare them for the future as young confident person.

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