Everyday People PNG: Semie Mansu

My name is Semie Mansu and I am half East Sepik and Central Province. I currently work with Transparency International (TIPNG) as the Digital Communications Officer.

My biggest inspiration is my two-and-a- half-old daughter. She keeps my partner and I on our toes and pushes us to work hard and do better for our family.

I have always been passionate about Photography. It is definitely something that you never stop learning once you get into it. I have been blessed to have cross paths with some of the professional photographers both nationally and internationally and have learnt new things along the way.                                                                            

I have been working with TIPNG for three months and I love my job. For years, TIPNG has been cracking down on corruption in the country and this inspires me to work with such a vibrant team.

My long-term goal is to be a better person than I am today.  I want to display the word commitment in the actions I portray to everyone.

The ideal goal may seem close but it takes a lifetime to reach. Working hard must come with commitment and loyalty and that is something I try to instill on the work that I do.

I want to see myself having an impact by changing the way people think and do things in PNG. On that note, I want to encourage anyone reading this to take action against corruption.

If you want something to be done quickly, you have to consider how long it will last. Let us take action to fight against corruption and make PNG great again.

Jemimah Sukbat