Everyday People PNG :Selina George

Hi my name is Selina George and I am from Central and Milne Bay province.

My little story begins with my children, born premature but completely beautiful by the grace of God.

I have 3 boys and they had a big sister, Leilani, who had passed away years ago. They may not have met her but I remind them of how much she would have loved to have all grown up together. She would of course be the leader of the pack.

My boys are big now and each is a representation of the kind of person I hope they grow up to be.  

Lu-ell, our first boy is quite the character when it comes to imitating someone and he may be a late bloomer, but that has never stopped him from being the kind and loving child he is.

Titi is a curious one, there a days I wonder whether he is on planet earth or out in the galaxy fighting aliens and space cowboys. That’s an actor in the making, no harm in chasing his dreams.

Then the boss of them all, Baba, he is by far the kind of kid who knows how to command the room. He is the last born after all and the one I almost lost as he was born sicklier then the others. A born leader in the making and he makes it his business to have you realize his authority quick smart. That’s probably why God felt he needed to save him.

If anything, I have grown in ways of my own character through my kids. There a moments that I may feel disheartened by everyday domestic challenges, but my kids and their positive vibes keep my head above water and I hone on their innocent charms to channel a right approach in clearing my obstacles. 

In light of the ever rising COVID-19 pandemic, my little family and I have done well to keep clear of its transmission. Each night we steam ourselves, and drink a teaspoon of an herb I concocted to keep our immune system in check. Having the right meals helps a lot, and my crew of minions and their papa make sure to have a lot of vegies in our diet and the drinking of water.

My children like to go around reminding their big brothers and sisters that it is important to always wash their hands. You should see the expression on their little faces when people don’t cough into their elbows! Quite a nightmarish but Kodak moment!

It’s a daily ritual for us in keeping our health and hygiene up to par as we definitely do not want to be in the hospital with all the doom and gloom going around.

Be safe and vigilant out there. These worrying days.

Carol Kidu