Everyday People PNG: Samba Lames

I have been teaching at Busu Secondary School, Morobe Province, for 23 years now.

I started here right after graduating from the University of Technology.

I started my career here in 1998 and now I’m the Deputy Principal – Administration.

My major subject areas are agriculture, science and business studies.

I have learnt a lot of things here as well as developed my professional career.

I have seen a lot of changes, especially in our student discipline and academic performance.

I was one of the teachers who came up with the ‘One Busu, No Grouping’ initiative to end cult activities in this school. We upheld God in 2008 when we established ‘One Busu, No Grouping’. And as time went by, I saw a lot of changes, especially in student discipline.

Teaching and serving students of this location has been a pleasure and honour.

  • Samba Lames, Busu secondary
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