Everyday People PNG : Riyana Ruben

My name is Riyana Ruben, I am from Wabag and Sepik, I am turning 18 this year.

I live at ATS Settlement and I go to school at Badihagwa Secondary School.

I live here at ATS and go all the way to Badihagwa and for that, my mother gives me k10 for lunch money and bus fare every day.

Busfare is K2 from ATS to Gordons, sometimes we wait until late when the bus fare drops to K1.

When we get to Gordons, we get on freeway buses to get to Badihagwa; that costs another K2.

In the afternoon, we have to rush for the bus with everyone else so sometimes we get home really late. I am hoping that the NCD Governor can help us students at ATS by reducing the student bus fare from K2 to K1 to make it easier for us, and to enforce this change so that PMV drivers and bus crew follow the rules.

I think that we should also have one of those big buses to help us get to school, because it is really hard for us to get on buses in the morning.

I have lived in the ATS settlement for 11 years, I grew up here and its okay but we need services like water and power.

Right now, we have to walk for a distance to carry water to cook and wash.

If we have power as well then we can do our schoolwork easily too.

Melissa Wokasup