Everyday People PNG : Riyala Ruben

I really enjoy writing and I hope to be a doctor when I grow up.

My name is Riyala Ruben, I am from Enga and Sepik and I live at ATS block.

I attend New Erima Primary School and I’m in grade 8 this year. I am from a family of 6 and I am the third in the family.

In the mornings, I usually walk to school since my school is close by, however, in the afternoon I get on the bus and go back home. I’ll be turning 15 in November this year.

In school, I have 4 best friends.

My friends and I are really into writing, so we write essays and poems.

We have a lady that comes to our school, her name is Ms Wakia; she heads  an essay writing project so she comes to our school and gives awareness on the importance of writing and writing books.

She always tells us that we must write essays with more than 1000 words, so that’s what we do.

So far I’ve written 3 essays and I have started on a poem.

We usually give our written work to Ms Wakia and she posts it on her page called the school writing project.

Melissa Wokasup