Everyday People PNG : Petronila Mavoko

After I got accepted, I served at Tapo parish at Bitapaka llg Kokopo for two years (1986-87) as a junior nun.


Then  I moved to Matanatava Noviciate where I spent 4 yrs professed before I professed  as an MSC Sister.

Whilst a nun I decided to enrolled at the OLSH code centre Vunapope where I completed my grade 10.

1995 enrolled at Vunapope nursing school unfortunately did not finish my training so she decided to try Lemakot school of nursing NIP where I did 1st and 2nd year.  Then decided to apply for leave as a nun with MSC after  6 years.

While still a junior nun I was now faced with the biggest decision of  my life whether to make the final vow and continued as a nun or resign.

Though my conscious was right family pressure took the better of me so I had to resign and move out of the MSC to takecare of my old mum who was very sick.

1998  I decided to re apply to complete my nursing school at Weifa school of nursing Bereina CP.

After graduation  I applied to Migende hospital got an accepted though I had to pay for my own there.

Moving to Migendi was also my first time to travel to the highlands.

Though my uncle was  discouraging not to go, saying highlands was a very dangerous place to work I she just told him if its god’s plan nothing will stop me,

And that’s where I met my husband  in 1999 who was  local from Simbu and  got married after.

He  was a consultant and,because of the nature of his work where we were moving from province to province I had to resign to go with him.

After my husband passed away in 2009 I was offered a job at Kundiawa hospital till today 22 yrs on working in the surgical ward.

Reflecting back from a baby sitter ,journey and the struggles that i went through to where i am today. i have no regrets. and i can only that god for making every way possible for me.

Terry Longbut