Everyday People PNG : Peter Charles Yama

I came to know Sir Michael Somare when I was a young police officer in 1975 in Port Moresby.

We went to the Independence Hill and participated in the lowering and raising of the flag.

After some years, I went back to Madang.

Whilst in Madang, I always saw Sir Michael and family frequently coming to Madang.

I thought why Madang, when he’s from Wewak?

But, then, I realized that Sir Michael loves the people of Madang very much and many of his followers and friends are from Madang.

When discussing with late Kagi Angi, he told me that him and Somare started their political career together back in the 1960s.

They started their political career at Talidik Primary School in 1965 when Sir Michael went and taught at the school.

Late Angi taught Somare politics as he was already a teacher.

Late Tause from Mis village was also one of the people that got involved in politics.

After that, Sir Michael left Madang and taught in other schools in the country before joining politics.

Then in the 80s, I was still a police officer and met Sir Michael again and in Madang.

I resigned and started the first ever security firm in PNG, Yama Security.

I was given an office by Sir Peter Barter at the back of his resort (to) operate my security firm.

Andrew, Sir Peter’s son and Betha (Sir Michael’s daughter) always came to my office and played with their friends.

And that’s how I came to know the Somare family.

Sir Michael has touched the hearts of Madang people and the people of Madang loved him more despite the political differences by the leaders.

Sir Michael is the foundation of this country and his death will be a big loss for the country.

Governor for Madang Peter Yama recalls his encounter with Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare.


Freddy Mou