Everyday People PNG : Pamela Lausi-Griffin

I am Pamela-Lausi Griffin, 39, married with three kids. I come from Gulf (Isapea), Milne Bay (Gwalili) and Central (Lalaura). I grew up amongst the rubber plantations at block 152 at Moreguina Station in the Abau District. I call it home.

I am a teacher by profession and have been teaching since 2003. The last school I taught at was Paradise College in 2019. I then decided to resign to stay home.

In the early stages of my teaching years, I offered tutoring sessions, to support my husband. I tutored after work and on the weekends. It was tiring but the sacrifice paid off.

In 2004 I was hired by Siwi Shipping as a private tutor. That gave me the drive to tutor when I got a full time job with Port Moresby Grammar School. My focus was on the slow learners who struggled in normal classrooms. 

During my years of teaching, I always had a passion for teaching children with learning disabilities. This passion drove me to continue my tutoring service as I found my inspiration in the positive changes and development I was achieving with the student child. 

It was soon after I resigned that South Bridges School recommended a client. This parent requested my help in tutoring his child. I took my first student into my home in December of 2019. I tutored and coached the child for three months, prepared and made recommendations for the child to fit in a normal classroom. After that I decided to take tutoring on as a full time job, operating out of my home.

Last year (2020), I had 75 students registered for coaching alone from January to December. I attended to children’s’ learning needs on a 'one on one' approach and later engaged the help of a teacher. In January, my family and I utilized the front yard and built 2 home school rooms and a small office.

I thank my husband and my children, family and friends, for all the support, patience and understanding. And mostly God, who gave me the strength to move forward.

Today we run a coaching centre ‘PG Private Tutoring’ with eight employees. We have registered more than 50 students. We focus on the slow learners and build them individually to their age level or beyond, using a 'one on one' approach.

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