Everyday People PNG: Naomi Pank

“I am from Western Highlands Province. My parents are back in Western Highlands but some of my family are here in Moresby.”

“I am a nurse here at the Sesago Discount Pharmacy. I usually do consultation and attend to those who are sick. It’s basically like outpatient like a walk-in, walk-out out patients’ cases. I also assist with the pharmacy when the clients come in and need assistance with the over the counter treatments like common cold and flu, skin infections or if there’s anything that’s over the counter and they need assistance I also assist with that and guide them so they can get what they really need.”

“I also do product education for our small team. If there are new products for us that are on the counter, I do my research and then share the knowledge with them so we all can have an understanding of what we have.”

“We started the clinic only three weeks ago on the 1st of February.”
“I did my undergrad in PAU from 2010 to 2014 for my nursing and then I was working with POMGEN after that from 2015-2018 as a medical units nurse. I got a Japanese Government scholarship and in 2018 I went to Japan to do a Master’s Degree in Public Health Study.”
“I returned in September 2019 and was looking for a job when I got this opportunity.”

‘I am satisfied with this job here as we are providing quality health care to the community.”

“But on the other hand, I feel like it’s limiting for me. I’m more interested in engaging in community development, first hand prevention. You know, doing things that will actually have community impact.” 

Naomi Pank – Nurse, NCD.

Frieda Kana