Hi my name is Carol Hane and I come from a mixed parentage, a splash here and sprinkle there, but a child of Papua New Guinea all the same.

My story is dedicated to the memory of the most courageous, brave and loving mother one could ever ask for. I’m not saying our days when she was here were all sunshine and rainbows. Her bark was worse than her bite. She could command a room just from one sentence or a word for that matter. Her name is Noela, a fierce and amazing human being to all that knew her.

Growing up, mum was the driving force in my life and that of her family. Her childhood are reminiscent to days by the beach front, shopping through driftwood and toys that floated in from some far off land or just the village or island not too far off.

There were intervals in her life that one would frown upon when a certain experience was told, but she turned her negatives into positives no matter what life threw her way. She would always remind me to look after my small sister and brothers as she knew her life was coming to an end as her health began to fail her.

With every ounce of her strength she would do her utmost to teach us to take note of the simple things that touch you in life, because one of these simple things may very well be the thing that has the greatest impact that can change your life.

Mum would, in her own indirect way, dare us to dream. She would not always say that she liked the idea of me singing but I would secretly catch her sigh in pride when hearing about me singing for church or other. One thing she did push me for was to be somebody that I was proud to be (like being in media) because shutting up was not one of my strengths. I would go around asking endless questions, and write page after page of a story I dreamed of or an event I witnessed…usually birthdays or my brother’s and their break ups. Secretly of course, but she found my journal eventually.

Life was an endless twist and turn for her in regard to her health and some trials and triumphs but she would always tell me that no matter what circumstances you are under, no matter how poor or how sad you are at any given moment, don’t ever be afraid of living and loving, and let no one make you feel at all inferior.

Mother’s day leaves me without a conversation with her full of nurturing and more, and just to have that first hug before everybody else gets theirs. You are gone from my sight but never from my memories, gone from my touch but never ever from my heart.

I hope you all have a blessed and memorable mother’s day with your mums and never take for granted her time whilst you still have her.

Loop Author