Everyday People PNG : Michael Gershom Sarevellhar

Michael Gershom Sarevellhar is a 21-year-old from from Morobe and Gulf provinces.

Michael is the Vice Chairman for the Scripture Union Volunteers in Port Moresby.

On Friday, 28th of May, Michael and the team of volunteers served breakfast to the students of Bavaroko Primary School as part of the Scripture Union’s Sumatin Feed Program set up in 2018.

Michael regards himself as a city person as has lived in Port Moresby for most of his life. Gerehu Stage 6 is home for Michael.

In 2016, he was a student at the Gerehu Secondary School where the Scripture Union held organized student programs. For four years, Michael took an active part after graduating from high school in 2019 as a volunteer.   

At the Sumatin Feed program on Friday, Michael excitedly shared that he’ll be starting his first official job at Holiday Inn that very evening.

“I’ll be working today, it will be my first day. Tonight actually.”

Michael describes himself as a ‘practical person’ and starts his new job as assistant duty manager for the night shift.

“Now I’m already nervous. Actually we didn’t even sleep, so I’m like confused how I’ll last the whole night.”

Michael and the other volunteers stayed up late preparing for the Sumatin Feed program and started setting up at half 6 in the morning to serve breakfast to the kids that started arriving at 7 am.  

Michael says that funds for the breakfast program were mainly contributions from the volunteers and the Scripture Union.

As he was only just starting work, Michael says he wasn’t able to contribute for the program that morning, but looks forward to future programs where he can do more.

Michael and the volunteers from Scripture Union plan to serve breakfast to other schools around Port Moresby over the coming months.

Marysilla Kellerton