Everyday People PNG :Kelly Ninkama

My name is Kelly Ninkama from Gumine, Chimbu.

Driving a taxi at the age of 63 is a more recent job that I acquired to get through every day struggles, prior to that I worked in the electoral commission for a number of years as an Enumerator for the Electoral commission and many other odd jobs here and there.

Since 1963, I have been through the weather going from job to job and to creating my own businesses. The journey has not been a smooth ride and I have had my fair share of disappointments. Nevertheless, as the saying goes, “Should you fail; you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again.”

In my old age, I have designated myself to being a taxi driver but the dream to continue to try to make my small businesses work is still very much a goal for my family and I.

I regard myself a kid from the “Hey Days” where life back then was much better than it is now. I am stronger than most of my mates who are relying on walking sticks, and I believe I can clock in 20 more years. My meal is anything healthy from the garden and not those that are high in processed elements.

With all that is happening in the world, I try to keep to a proper meal and keep my health up whilst distancing my family and myself from all the negativity around us.

As a taxi driver, you meet different kinds of people every day, and whilst engaged in conversation, I do my bit in encouraging them to look after their health and wish them a long and happy life.



Carol Kidu