Everyday People PNG: Julie Yakasa

I come from Siassi Island in the Morobe Province.

My father was one of the first evangelists and teachers here in Enga province. As an educator he taught many, many people how to read and write. I guess it’ is inevitable that I would also become a teacher because I had also been raised and taught by American missionaries.

I went to Balob Teacher’s College and came back to Enga to teach. I was a teacher for 32 years. The best thing I achieved whilst teaching is being a part of educating the Engan people to be where they are now. I thank God for using me to educate such people like our Governor Sir Peter Ipatas and many other people who are now in important jobs and I just thank the Lord for using me to help them. I am retired now. 

I have been here in Enga all my life. I am married to a pastor and now we are giving service to the Lord.

- Julie Yakasa, Wabag, Enga

Loop Author