Everyday People PNG : Jennifer Thomas

I make K15 to K30 a day selling garden produce along the road. On a slow day I take home around K10.

I am married with six children and I use the money to pay for my children’s clothes, school fees, rice and protein, and essentials that we need for our home.

Having lived in Omun Village in Western Highlands all my life, I spend my days gardening. I grow pineapples, pawpaw, banana, kaukau, cabbage, and many other local crops.

I sell my produce along the highway that runs between Western Highlands and Southern Highlands.

Sometimes I take my crops to Mt Hagen and sell at the main market.

I spend my days alternating between house chores, attending to my garden, church and family obligations, and selling my crops to make a bit of cash.

Whatever we don’t sell we eat ourselves or we feed the pigs. We do not waste the food that we grow.

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