Everyday People PNG: Jamie Lape

Kopkop College Grade 12 student, Jamie Lape at an early age decided to be a lawyer, because he felt the system had failed his family, and that by becoming one, he hopes to inspire honesty and integrity.

Jamie is the outgoing head boy of Kopkop College situated at Gerehu in Port Moresby.

He is a quiet, strong-minded young man who finished as the second highest academic achiever at the recent 11th grade 12 graduation.

An incident happened when I was a small boy and my family had to go through the trouble of hiring different lawyers. My parents spent a lot of money.

I was 12-years-old at that time and it really affected me because I had to watch my parents come and go and sometimes, they came late at night. At times, some of the lawyers they hired were not truthful. I decided that this was something that needs correcting.

Learning from this experience, I am determined to prove to bring change by helping others. Not everyone is always right, but a lawyer in my opinion must make an effort to be committed and honest.

Being a lawyer, they have must make an effort to be always available to assist people because they entrust their legal matters into your hands.

This is one my ambitions that if I become a lawyer, I will make sure my clients receive my full service and attention. I will leave no stone unturned.

My mother, Ms Morrissa is a secondary school teacher at Kopkop College, she is my inspiration and is a strong woman who is bold to stand up for what is right.  

I am proud in competing my secondary education, not many children out there will have the support to come all the way to complete Grade 12.

I thank my teachers, the school administration and my friends for helping me throughout the last seven years at Kopkop. Their assistance and guidance has certainly helped me to come out of my shell and take up leadership duties.

This has also inspired me to become a lawyer one day…

With pride, Jamie’s father, Willie Lape describes his son as a determined young man, saying he is glad Jamie wants to join the legal force, an area he formerly served as a police officer for 14 years.

Mr Lape added: “I am proud of my son making up his mind to take up Law. I am thankful to the school for molding Jamie to be who he is, to study hard and be confident. The school offers subjects at one grade-level up from other schools and is very competitive.”

Susan Oreape