Everyday People PNG : Ian Arabu

My name is Ian. I was a student before, but now I am a volunteer, since 2015.

It’s the 7th year now as a volunteer with Scripture Union and others as well but more focus is on volunteering for Scripture Union.

The main reason behind it is with the development of technology and all these parents kind of not realizing that kids don’t get advice.

I see that Scripture Union is platform there where we can be able to encourage the students to be better people, and to encourage them to love the Lord as well.

For example, when a tree is young you can bend it which way you want it to grow but if the tree gets really old and basically you don’t have any control over it.

So that’s my passion through which I have been volunteering so we can point young kids to a better future and a better Papua New Guinea.

Most of the kids that come to school, come from settlements and they don’t really have a good examples, they don’t have good role models to look up to.

I feel the need to become a role model for them in the little way I can.

That’s the whole reason why I’m doing this and it’s priceless. I cannot put it to words any more than this. 

I work with Pacific International Hospital within the administration department as a Human Resource Officer. I am from Central province more specifically, Kairuku district, Waima village.

Frieda Kana