Everyday People PNG : Gretal Masere

Hello my name is Gretal Tau and I am from Daru, Western Province.

As a young mother to one amazing little boy and wife to a loving husband, I have learnt that no matter what curveballs thrown at me in life I have these two blessed beings to keep my head up.

COVID has truly ruined so many things in our day to day struggles to get by, but I always remind myself that there are places in the world that have been struck worse than us. Yes, it is still alarming how numbers are increasing each and every day and what scares me even more is that some deaths are concluded to having had COVID even when it’s of another cause.

It is sad how the coin flips on us in regards to our health and the easiest avenues certain agents take is the most obvious ones.

Despite all the dreary details out there, I try to do small business to keep us a float and my husband tries his best to get us by with the odd jobs he is presented with every now and again. It’s not much but at least we aren’t going hungry and have a roof over our heads. Life in the village is challenging and even more so when you have to adapt to a new normal; whilst competing with other market tables that try to ruin your sale by selling quantity over quality and at ridiculously low prices.

With the coming elections I hope that our people choose the type of leaders that will spin the wheel of change and help those of us struggling to keep our head above water. Of course it takes two to tango and yes we will do our bit to help that process to eventuate.

For the sake of my son and for the next generation I pray for this to be a reality as COVID is not the only evil that lurks in our society and communities. May peace and unity and good health reside once more in our lives one day.

Carol Kidu