Everyday People PNG : Gideon Thomas

Hi my Name is Gideon Thomas I am from Wapenamanda Enga Province and I am 22 years old.

I just recently completed my studies at International Training Institute where I studied Information Technology and a job search is on my mind every day.

I have two brothers who are still living with my parents back home in Enga. Life in Port Moresby, all of us know that it is very tough. While in search of a job, I joined the sport of body building to keep me occupied and focused.

I miss my family back in Wapenamanda, so it can get emotionally and mentally difficult sometimes.

While I find the sport of body building interesting it’s been a difficult journey. Due to COVID-19 and financial constraints I still sacrifice a lot of things for the love of the sport. I hope to one day become a professional body builder.

I’d like to make my father and my family proud one day.

Godwin Eki