Everyday People PNG : Gaudi & Wendi

When you lose your home it is a sad and emotional time regardless of the reason…but for our family it was the loss of basically every cherished moment and memory whether material or in thought.

My name is Gaudi and my wife Wendy and I with our 4 children lost our home to a tragic fire on last August.

The rush of panic and loss was so great that we could hear our own heartbeats through the roar of the flames and sweltering heat.

The weather made things even worse, the heavy winds swept through our house in a frenzy, destroying everything in its wake.

Within minutes there was nothing left except the remaining embers of what we once called “HOME”.

That fateful night brought families and friends in numbers battling to recover whatever accessible as best they could, unfortunately we were left with only the clothes on our backs and the last meal that we had.

All was lost…at least that’s what we thought.

In moments like these it is those nearest and dearest to you that step in to assist where and how they possibly can. Our little family was given shelter, warm clothing and meals to begin the first step to getting back up again.

Over the next week from the night of the great fire, families and friends put together an event that would assist us in raising funds to get us back on our feet.

Local celebrities came to our aid and sang at our benefit concert at the Tutu Beach Retreat.

People came from everywhere and helped us with donations of all kinds.

We were reduced to tears with the overflowing help.

It has been quite the journey since that heart wrenching night 8 months ago.

We have grown from strength to strength and it has led to getting our place cleared and cleaned ready to begin the new chapter of our lives.

Home is where the heart is, do well to look after it as there are many that go without shelter and a hot meal or the love and support that is deserving of those that need it the most.

Loop Author