Everyday People PNG : Florence Roma

Florence Roma, 21, is from Samarai Island in Milne Bay Province and is employed as a Helper at the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, East Boroko in Port Moresby.

She graduated from a local TVET school at St. Anne’s skills Training Institute, Sibea in Samarai-Murua, completing two years of technical education.

After graduating from the school in 2018, she returned to the village. In search for a job, she moved to Alotau fortunately she met up with some Catholic Nuns. They told her that the Sisters in a Port Moresby-based Catholic institution were looking for helpers.

The Nuns in Milne Bay arranged for Florence’s travel to work in Port Moresby.

She is grateful for the assistance as she now works as a helper with the Daughters of Mary help of Christians Sisters at East Boroko.

“I am have been working here since 2019 and this is my third year of living and working in the big city. I grew up with the nuns at Sibea and now I am still living with the sisters.

Florence helps with cleaning, cooking for the Sisters and cooking for college girls and the residents from Don Bosco Technical Institute.

She started helping at the kitchen and recently was sent to the Convent to help the Sisters.

Despite having a job, she still has her dreams to pursue….


“Since I took up Tourism & Hospitality I dream of one day going back to school to upgrade my marks and apply to be a flight attendant. That is my dream, I have always wanted to be a flight attendant.

Florence comes from a family of eight with her second born sister died in 2017 and she has lost her parents. Since she is the youngest, she lives with her older siblings when she returns home.

 “We have only one brother and seven girls. All my siblings are married and live in the village. They are not working.

“My fourth born sister is a housewife and is married to a man from East New Britain and they live in Port Moresby.

“My family is on the island and it’s hard to find a job. So I am the only one supporting my siblings back at home. When they have a need, they call me and I help them.

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