Everyday People PNG: Delker Yawane

Hello, my name is Delker Yawane, I am a Life Skills Trainer with AA Tribal, and I have been helping our women in the village.

I have knowledge of sewing and I am happy to show the women here how to do screen-printing, curtain sewing, and pillowcases. I see that the women here really enjoy making these. I take part in the training as a trainer and learning as well from the program.

I am very proud of sponsor NiuPower Ltd and those involved in this program. This is the first time that I have seen many women involved. I have observed that by learning new skills or going up another level from their basic training, they are affording themselves financial security and sustainability.

Life Skills Training is a great help to those that face daily struggles in the village in getting by, this initiative will take them a long way and I thank Niupower and AA Tribal for their support in this initiative.

Whether you are a school dropout, living with disabilities or have been down on your luck, having a skill takes you further in life as you can market your product you have created, anywhere and everywhere and on different platforms.

Those that I have managed to train through this program can go into their communities teaching what they have learnt and in doing so creating opportunities through a skill, which benefits them as well.

In future programs, I hope to include flower arrangements and sewing of skirting which is also something I teach as well. This knowledge can be used in their church activities and others that require d├ęcor of this kind.

Teaching these men and women has been an educational experience even for me. I hope to continue this journey teaching many more who will go into their communities and help each other in living sustainably and smart.

Carol Kidu