Everyday People PNG: Dan Kwalam

My name is Dan Kwalam, I am from Morobe.

Since I graduated as a Primary school teacher back in 1980’s, I came into Eastern Highlands and served for almost 30years and gradually became a school inspector. Right now I am an inspector for zone 1 Obura - Wonenara district. My job is actually a school inspector basic education. I take charge of elementary and primary schools. My general duty is to make submissions or reports on inspecting new sites if or ever a community wants a new school establishment. I make inspection reports and submit through the PEB (programme on Education Building) to do it’s part and send it down to Port Moresby to guarantee a new school registration via the Education Department. On top of that my core responsibility is to inspect schools to ensure that teaching and learning are of high standard and quality. I also do checks and balances to teachers for promotions or demotions or for registration of new graduates that come into the field and ensure that they are genuine to enter teaching profession.

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