Everyday People PNG : Cynthia Nawa

My name is Cyntha Nawa. I’m mixed Bougainville and Morobe province. I’m currently teaching at ECOM Secondary School in Manus Province.

 Last year we finished all our courses and we got the grades.

Then they sent us out to the field to teach. It happens like that, we have to go out to the field first then we come back to graduate.

Right now I am so happy, I am very happy because it has been my dream to become a teacher since I was a child and right now receiving that Bachelor Degree in Teaching.

I am so proud of myself and I just want to thank everyone that contributed to me getting that degree.  Besides the degree, I also received the TSC Professionalism Award (Teaching Service Commission Professionalism Award).

To be honest I didn’t expect that and when I heard about it, I got the shock of my life. Because out of all the thousand students how can they select someone like me. I didn’t expect it. Actually there are always two that are given the award, a male and a female, and for the female I am so proud that it is me.

Cynthia Nawa – UOG, Bachelor Degree in Teaching graduate- June 29th 2021

Frieda Kana