Everyday People PNG : Christopher Tep

I am from Mt Hagen Central, Western highlands province.

I was a public servant but for some years now I have left public service and am doing my own little SME business of developing and selling a liquid fertilizer.

It is a formula I created locally and it’s purely organic so I named it, “Grow Hariap”. It is now available to the agriculture and farmers in Papua New Guinea and being sold in Brian Bell stories in Port Moresby and Lae. It will soon be out in other Brian Bell Centres in the coming months. 

Many local farmers have tried it and it is very effective. Grow hariap rehabilitates the soil also while making plants grow. Now with the climate changes soil is losing its nutrients; Grow Hariap treats the soil so the same piece of land can be used multiple times to farm.

Grow hariap helps the normal cycle of soil fertility.

I am excited to be part of the 8million possibilities book project, which is going to be launched soon.

I volunteered to have my story included in the 8-million possibilities book project because I think I have a unique story to tell.  I had to go through many hardships and challenges before completing my education. I went into the formal workforce as a public servant, then left after some time to pursue my own dream, in developing homegrown fertilizer.

I am happy this will be captured in the 8million possibilities so that young Papua New Guineans, students, people who are now in the work force, can read and develop a talent and skill that they have, to prosper in life.

Christopher Tep, Mt Hagen Central, Western Highlands Province.

Frieda Kana