Everyday People PNG : Bradley

Meet Bradley Nomben, the Head Teacher of Dio Primary School

Mr Nomben has been recently appointed as the Head Teacher at Dio Primary School.

He spent the last three years teaching in a remote school in Lumi District in Sandaun Province.

Dio Primary is a remote school in Green River.

"Teaching in remote areas us very challenging.

"Sometimes we don't get school supplies for the whole term or year depending on how fast the Education Department releases the fundings.

"We are really trying our best to teach our students on what we can thought of while waiting for school materials to arrive.

Its takes about one whole day to travel from Vanimo to Dio Primary school.

Three modes of transport to get there. Car, Canoe and legs.

"We really need some reading books to help our students with as we don't have a proper school library. Especially Childrens Reading Books."

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