Everyday People PNG : Black Magic

Hi my name is Edward and my stage name is FOFO.

I took an interest to HIPHOP music way back in Primary School and years after as well.

I joined this battle league, PNG RAP Culture back in 2013 and have grown in my music. From this experience it led me to form a rap group BLACK MAGIC in 2019, still to this day exists.

I formed this group with two of my closest mates Brendan and Paul, whom I’ve known for the longest time living in the same street and having the same passion in this particular type of music.

We have played at various venues but mainly at the Cosmopolitan. Our group is mainly a HIPHOP collective but we try to fuse Hip-hop’s style of music featuring rap with an electronic backing to Pop’s strong melody and beat, to have an all-rounded experience for those that have a liking to these types of genres.

On the daily, myself and Paul do have jobs aside from helping to manage our music group.

Brendan takes care of managing the studio full time. In the group our roles are pretty much me rapping and being responsible for the business development and marketing of our group. Paul, aka, POGYRAITZ, is the main vocalist and committed team player. Brendan, aka, BRENZ, is our sole producer for all our tracks whilst managing our studio, DAWGSIDE records.

Our repertoire consists only of our original tracks that we perform.

We recently have engaged ourselves in getting our music on Digicel’s D’MUSIC App.

This app will help us upload our music so it can reach our fans.

There are many local artists heading onto this interface so be sure to subscribe and listen out for all our tunes in the coming weeks.

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