Everyday People PNG: Albenah Bauno Ivan

Nelson Stone, a former PNG and Pacific Games track champion, conducted a week-long program on sports awareness in Kikori, Gulf Province.

When he visited Veiru Primary School, he was approached by the mother of a student, who asked him to help realise her daughter’s dream. He was very emotional when he met Albenah Bauno Ivan, a Grade 6 student, who told him “I love running. In my school Sports day, I do 800, 1500 and 3000-meter races. I do a lot of running here in Kikori, but I need someone who can help me go beyond the river. My dream is to come to Port Moresby to train and get more experience; one day I will run for PNG.’ Mr Stone will try to find a sponsor to bring Albenah to Port Moresby and train her to compete in the Nationals in December.

- Albenah 

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