Everyday People PNG : Agnes Tangoma

All I want to say is I owe it all to God. If you put all your trust and faith in him he will make every way possible for you.

Apart from looking after the sick at the Kundiawa hospital I also mentor and counsel young boys and girls by sharing my story with them to encourage and inspire them that through struggles and hard work you can be successful in life.

I also encourage young girls with unplanned pregnancy not to give up but get re enrolled into the school system and complete their studies through, FODE, TVET, Don Bonsco or look at subsistence farming to sustain their family.

I’m proud to testify that through my mentoring and counselling some of these young people are now in the workforce as highway truck drivers, teachers and farmers.

All through my working life and struggles I set myself three goals: to build a permanent house, to travel around the world and to own a car.

So far I’ve travelled overseas to Australia, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, Dubai and Israel.

I have a permanent house now almost complete, and then my focus will be on my third goal; owning a car.

Terry Longbut