EveryDay People: Paul Kuaru - Tobacco (Brus) Vendor

My name is Paul Kuaru. I come from Winge in West Yanguru of the East Sepik Province. I am currently a Tobacco (Brus) Vendor at Boroko Market.

I am married with seven children and my family are currently living back at home in the village.
I started buying and selling Tobacco (Brus) in 2004. And through this, I am able to support my family with food, clothing, school fee and other needs. With the little income I get from selling Tobacco (Brus), I am able to rent me a nice place here in Port Moresby just so I can stay here and continue with my marketing. 

In a week, I roughly make K500-K600 and this has motivated me to buy more Tobacco (Brus) from home (East Sepik) and resell it here in Port Moresby. Unlike before, there  are now a lot of Customers here and the demand is very high.  

Currently, I am aiming to buy off a property here in the City that’s why I am working very hard toward my goal. This will enable me to bring my wife and children down to be with me in the City. 

Throughout the years, we have not received much help; I hope our leaders in the Parliament provide more funding into the SMEs sector. 

If you are a Tobacco (Brus) consumer and want to help my little SME, come down to Boroko ‘Brus’ market just opposite the Boroko Bus 9 Bustop.

Loop Author