Everyday People: Patricia Martin

My name is Patricia Martin, I’m from Madang Province.

I grew up in Port Moresby and have been a teacher for over 20 years in the English & Literature Department at Port Moresby International School (POMIS).
I attended Gerehu Community School in 1978 then continued to Gerehu High School. 
At the end of Grade 10, I proceeded to Sogeri National High School to do my Grade 11 and 12. After year 12, I got selected to attend UPNG in the Education Faculty, majoring in English / Literature and minoring in History.
My first posting was to Aiyura National High School. After four years of teaching in the Public Schools, I left teaching to further my Education at the University of Goroka, graduating with Bachelor of Education with Honours. In the year 2000, I joined the International Education Agency - Teacher Induction Program. I have been with the IEA since then.
Being a teacher is very challenging, yet interesting. If I can have a positive impact on a child’s life to make them see things differently, that child can go out to the world and apply the same principle in their community. 
Every student I teach, takes a bit of me and they leave a bit of them behind. And that’s a bond that’s been created during my years of teaching.
While I was still teaching, my husband of 20 years passed on through illness, leaving me to raise our children on my own. 
I went through a lot of challenges. Being a widow is tough, especially living in Port Moresby. Most times, I had to really stretch my budget in order to make ends meet. Through all these, I depend entirely on God, the giver of life and the comforter of my soul.
My advice to young people, is to live a purpose-driven life. There will be a lot of distractions but never lose focus. Take every day as it comes and aim to accomplish something each day. 

Ailynn Sokot