Everyday People: Norman Vanua

I still pinch myself to this day! I never dreamt of doing this for a living.

Travelling the world with the PNG Barramundis, I get to experience different cultures and understand the way people live.

We also get a chance to showcase what PNG is, not just through cricket but through our cultures as well.

Growing up in a family of cricket players, I quite naturally conditioned myself to the sport, ultimately making it my career.

The sport has given me so much.

Norman Vanua Player Profile

It’s taught me a lot…being disciplined, pushing myself in everything I do both on and off field, how I treat people, and it’s just made me a better person, to be honest.

Cricket is not just a sport.

To the younger generation, stay in school. Get a good education and learn as much as you can and if you do play cricket, it will definitely help you in the long run.

If I’m not on field, you’ll probably find me listening to Coldplay, watching movies or sipping on some good coffee at Duffy’s.

I wasn’t always a caffeinator though. Funnily enough, friend and teammate Chad Soper introduced me to coffee and our bro dates involve café hunting in whatever city we’re in.

You could say my growing love for caffeine is quite impressive! I started off with a mocha, then a cappuccino and now it’s flat white.

My goal is to get to a long black someday.

I am excited and eagerly anticipating the World Cup.

The Barramundis have been putting in so much work to qualify for this momentous championship and our years of sacrifice will certainly pay off.

Proud to be representing Papua New Guinea on the world stage, I encourage the country to #BacktheBarras.

This is a great opportunity to put PNG further on the map so we’d love all the support from everyone around the country.




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