Everyday People: Ngaire "Ngaiire" Joseph

Ngaire Laun Joseph was born in Lae in 1984, she is Australian-based R&B and soul singer songwriter, and is the eldest of three siblings.

Ngaire started her musical career in 2003 enrolling in a bachelor of Jazz studies at the Central Queensland University and her musical journey started then on.

In 2004, Ngaiire (pronounced ny-ree) her stage name, competed in the second season of the Australian Idol as a semi-finalist but was unable to make it through to the final 12.

Before pursuing her solo career in 2008, Ngaiire worked as a session vocalist for the Blue King Brown and Paul Mac.

When she was just a year old, Ngaiire and her parents moved to Palmerston North New Zealand to study and six years later, the family moved back to Papua New Guinea.

At the age of three, Ngaiire was diagnosed with ganglioneuroblastoma, which manifested as a cancer of her adrenal glands. This part of her medical journey inspired her 2013 music video for “Dirty Hercules” with a choice album titled “Blastoma”.

Ngaiire grew accustomed to the fact that she was aware of her medical situation and with found courage, dealt with the pain and experience of it all.

She faced another curve ball with the divorce of her parents and music was her outlet to find a semblance of normalcy in her life, music made her life more stable.

Living in PNG at the age a young age, singing was her constant activity and listening to all kinds of music made it easy for her to feel things happening in her life and the courage to talk about it.

"Music gave me the ability to talk about and feel all the things that were going on in my world. That seemed like the natural option for me because music is a big part of our culture.”  

Carol Kidu