Everyday People: Mou Evorea

My name is Mou Evorea, and I am a Forensic Investigator with the Immigration & Citizenship Authority (ICA).

I am the Manager of the newly established Forensic Unit of the ICA; a role I have been playing for one and half years. I oversee forensic investigation of documents purported to be fraudulent in nature relating to immigration. My team and I basically verify the authenticity of these documents.

For 17 years I have been serving the public service, specializing in the field of National Border Security. It is a privilege to be given this leadership role in the ICA’s newest unit.

I am currently attending the first of three Certificate IV bloc trainings on Leadership and Management. I hope that this training will help me grow and better my skills in my manager role. Most importantly, I hope that it will help me and my staff to meet our objectives collectively.

I come from Gulf Province. Something interesting about me is my phobia with water, especially when I am traveling onboard water vessels. Sadly, my job requires a lot of traveling on the water, and despite being a coastal girl, I could never shake off that fear.

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