Everyday People: Mairi Harry

I am Mairi Harry, a former elementary teacher from Kirakira Village in the National Capital District.

I look after my son’s printing shop in the village called Sango IT Solutions, a small business that has helped many with their printing needs in the village, so that they need not go far.

Working in my son’s shop, we have produced many different types of items from binding print copies, printing onto cups, caps, shirts and plates. Our biggest project yet was printing one hundred cups for Moresby South Member Justin Tkatchenko.

With the country’s 46th Independence Celebrations just around the corner, we decided to set up our stall at Ela Beach and display some of the work my son has created through his business and a few of my own sewing creations.

My family and I have been blessed with the progress my son’s business has made from its inception last year when, through his father’s Intel, he managed to rent a printer and the rest is history.

Today my family and I help to sell the wonderful prints my son has made to impress interested buyers.

Carol Kidu