Everyday People: Kaye Pokana

I am the Goroka District Floriculture President.

Every day we tend to our flowers, plant flowers and also respond to requests for hiring. So we arrange flowers for decorations as well. There are pot plants for hire which we arrange for clients. We also do decorations for funerals, weddings, or graduations.

When there are small ceremonies around the town they used to call us so we arrange decorations for them. That’s how we earn our income.

This is our everyday life. So far I have 180 people registered under our organization. There are others who are interested but have not yet registered.

I am a landowner of the area that the University of Goroka sits on. As a mama graun I’d say I am privileged. It brings spin off benefits to my hauslain, not only in Okiufua, but also Asariufa, Asi, Kefamo and even Kama.

In fact all of us around Goroka who speak the Arakano language, benefit from that land. We are proud the many Papua New Guineans come to do business or attend university in an area that we own. We are always happy to talk to them and share our culture with them, so they too can live well among us.

Frieda Kana