Everyday People: Joseph Ovia

My name is Joseph Ovia. I’m from Kairuku, Central province. I started work with Innovative Agro in the sale and marketing of the Illimo Farm Dairy Products.

Before I came here, I taught in two schools in the Central Province.

I’m a presenter in the Milk in Schools program because I am a qualified teacher too. I really enjoy this programme because it’s also educational for myself since I’m not a nutritionist.

When it’s time to prepare the lessons, I have to go on the internet to do my own research and that’s where I learn new things. I feel like a nutritionist too, and not just an ordinary primary school teacher.

With Milk in School program, we come to this school every day and give out frozen milk stiks because it is a pilot project. Every two weeks we give nutritional lesson presentations to students in different classes.

I am really excited about this programme and if other sponsors come on board then we might go to other schools as well. 

Frieda Kana