Everyday People: John Aulae

John Aulae is an inland fish farmer from the Amanab LLG area of Vanimo-Green District in West Sepik.

He used the privilege of having a trust fund to start fish farming to address the high malnutrition problem in his district and the province.

With the experience of working in a fish farm with a Malaysian Company 10 years ago in Port Moresby, he returned to his own village and to establish a similar project for his people.

“In West Sepik Province there is the problem of food nutrition and malnutrition rate is very high. I believe that to achieve Vision 2050 of Poverty Alleviation, Food Security and Food Nutrition, fish farming is the way to go,” he said.

“I want all the ILGs or clans in all the 156 ILGs in Vanimo/Green district, especially here in 1, 2, 4 and Imonda Consolidated to have their own fish farming.  

“When I came here in 2019, I used my own materials that I brought from Moresby to start the project. I built the fish farm house, the pond systems and the hatchery. Then with a K300,000 funding, I started the staff house.

“My desire is for each clan or ILG to own a farm to address food security issues and make an income too,” said Aulae.

Frieda Kana