Everyday People: Hannah Athaliah James

Hannah Athaliah James is an inspiring young woman who has made such an impact in the work she has done through NGO programs.

She specialises in NGO financial management, business administration and procurement.

Hannah’s interest for philanthropy and creating partnerships has led her to creating the Munduna Teiweh Initiatives that is a community focused charity foundation that aims to initiate library for schools in remote areas.

Her commitment is to establish partnerships that create e-literacy assistance to rural schools, providing trainings on financial literacy and technological applications, and secure funding to give as grants in rural areas for community development projects.

She is the epitome of a young woman leader that helps women and girls on a safe path through the EU project Stopim Hevi Kamapim Bel Isi. Her vast pocket of volunteer experiences in different NGOs portrays a passion in supporting and creating sustainable community development projects, stipulating interests in training and helping people in marginalised areas to build their capacity.

Her initiative, Munduna Teiweh, defines the very reason why there is good in the world and each day, they make a difference in a life or a community.

Carol Kidu Jnr