Everyday People: Ezekiel Dau

My name is Ezekiel Dau and I’m an integrity engineer (mechanical engineer) at Nares Engineers Ltd (NEL).

It is a privilege to be working with a PNG company that specialises in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT).

It gives us an opportunity to work to world class standards in the field of NDT and enhance our learning and skills by working in collaboration with other engineers/technicians.

My job is associated with Asset Integrity and Quality Assurance of plant and equipment starting from construction, design and up to the operational and maintenance aspects of the business.

As one of the important requirement of asset integrity and management of ExxonMobil’s facilities, we are required to employ a specialised inspection regime in achieving this outcome in the field of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT).

Various NDT methods we practice are mainly ultrasonic testing (shear & compression), radiography testing, magnetic particle, dye penetrant and visual inspection.

We test and monitor ExxonMobil’s equipment such as high pressure pipelines, storage tanks, pressure vessels, heat exchangers and provide timely results and status reports to EMPNG on the condition / state of their equipment.

NDT techniques carried out are to find defects or prevent failures to minimise cost and improve the overall life cycle cost.

We improve operational reliability, safety and asset protection whilst at the same time, helping to maximise plant performance and mitigate the constant challenges and hazards.

My advice to aspiring young people or the average Papua New Guinean aiming to do what I do; perseverance and the willingness to learn will make you a better NDT technician/integrity engineer.

Carmella Gware