Everyday People: Emmanuel Daniel Simeon

Being Lazy will make you poor & hard work will make you rich. This is what I always live for every day of my life. My name is Emmanuel Daniel Simeon. I come from a mix parentage of Manus, Central & Milne Bay Province and I am 23 years of age.

I started my film acting career at a young age of 11 which was back in 2010. 

I auditioned for the movie titled ‘Dschungelkind’ , a German film , directed by Roland Suso Richter under the UFA Cinema, distributed by the Universal Pictures International. My auditioned went well, earning me a spot in the main role character ‘Auri’ . 

As a kid back then, it was an exciting yet scary experience. Most of my support and encouragement at that time came from my dad. He was also involved in the film production. He mentored me. Basically, he was my pillar of strength and my motivator during the making of this film. Together with my dad by my side, we travelled to Malaysia & Berlin for 3 months for the making of this film. 

As the years went by, I got myself involved in the music production. Released couple of tracks with Ragga Siai and other big name artist. As well as producing and making music. 

While doing that, and also with my experience with ‘Dschungelkind’ , I had the opportunity to get involved in TVWan’s popular TV Drama Production ‘The Heiress’ as a voice actor. I play the voice of one of the main role character, ‘Hector’

Ailynn Sokoto