Everyday People: Diandra Paine

Diandra Paine, a vibrant young woman with a very bright future believed she would one day become an aeronautical engineer.

And that dream had held her through and on 13th of July, her childhood dream came true when she graduated from an Aeronautical University in China with excellence.

Diandra is from Begabari village along the North Coast road in Oro Province. Being the only child with a thirst for knowledge, her parents did well to provide her with the best education possible.

In 2016 when she was accepted at the University of Technology in Lae, majoring in electrical engineering, a strike broke out with the student body that went on for a while forcing her parents to relocate her somewhere safe and be able to focus on her studies.

This transition led Diandra and her parents to meet Jeffers Heptol of the Education Pacific Agency. He was her ticket to a better future as his job was to secure placements for students wanting to study overseas.

In no time, Miss Paine found herself in China enrolling in aeronautical engineering. She was determined to make something of herself and by setting goals from the onset leading to when she would finally graduate. She vowed to make every learning experience count.

Diandra achieved a prestigious academic award the, “Academic Excellence Award” she topped her class of 70 students from around the globe. She is the first female student from the Pacific Region to graduate with a degree in aeronautical engineering in China.

She said that PNG requires more trained professionals in manufacturing and designing Aeroplanes, and this is because there is not much development in PNG’s aviation industry, especially in her area of expertise.

~ Perseverance is a great element of success ~

Carol Kidu