Everyday People: Dajas – Henry & Sentanya

Henry and Sentanya Gewang have been in the music scene for many years and the couple took a moment to walk down memory lane on how music impacted them through life.

The couple have graced many musical stages in the city, around the country with their melodious presence that captivates any crowd they perform in front of, and they put the “E” in entertainment.

Henry and Sentanya formed their outfit “DAJAS” in honor of their seven children and from strength to strength, each note sung and chord hit, is dedicated to the grind for their children’s benefit and well-being.

Dajas is well known for the Karaoke style performances they deliver and if your one for a boisterous night out of awesome entertainment, this powerhouse duo do not disappoint.

For the many occasions the duo have performed for, all have left momentous memories for their audience and even for themselves as music in all its form is a unifier.

Henry and Sentanya over the years have had their fair share of vicissitudes and with each challenge that they have faced, they have conquered with tenacity and determination to give the best they can for their children.

COVID-19 may have slammed many an opportunity but that never stopped DAJAS in going the whole nine yards in taking each day as it came with the trust and faith in the most high.

By the kindness of those that realize potential and greatness when they see it, Dajas are now based in their new home in beautiful Manus, carrying on with life and enjoying how the tide continues to float their family boat towards more good things to come.




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Carol Kidu